Divemaster Internship

The sea is your passion and the fish are your friends? You can’t get enough of diving? Being underwater every day, and getting paid to dive instead of paying to do it seems attractive to you? Then you are ready to become a PADI pro and turn your passion into your lifestyle and your lifestyle into your professional career, this is the first step into the professional world in diving and as such you should do it with the best!

Are you ready to become a PADI professional? We offer every year 2 to 4 Divemaster internships positions for people who wants to become a pro and don’t have the resources to pay the 6.000eur that costs the course approximately.

Why we do it? Because that’s how we became professionals, and as such we want to pass our knowledge and train the next generation of divers, we truly believe that nobody’s economical status should be a problem to stop you from doing your passion, if you’re motivated and willing to endure and enjoy all the challenges the Divemaster course has for you, then you’re the prefect candidate!

We offer free accommodation in the beautiful island of Santorini, in a shared apartment with kitchen, washing machine etc. free training and free rental equipment for you to use, the only thing you’ll pay for is the online theory, which you pay straight to PADI, what you’ll do in return is to work in the dive center and learn how it operates, from equipment logistics and maintenance, to compressors operation, boat handling, snorkeling, leading and guiding certified divers, assisting instructors with Discover Scuba Divers, and in continuing education courses, every day is different in Santorini. You’ll also get to meet amazing people from all over the world daily, which in return will expand your social skills and general culture. Every year we look for good people to join our diving family, we don’t mind if your experience is very limited, we can teach you everything you need about diving, the only thing we look for is good souls, happy, friendly candidates, because we can teach you how to become a good diver, we can’t teach you how to become a good person, this you have to
bring it with you.

The Divemaster course standards state that a minimum of 60 dives are required, we never had any intern leaving with less than 100 dives under his/her belt. Why? Because for us the minimum is not acceptable, we believe that the more you dive the better you become, we aim to make the best professional we can out of you so we train you for that!

Once you become a divemaster you’ll open yourself to a world of job opportunities, literally all over the globe, from southeast Asia to the Caribbean… you will be able to choose your next adventure and get paid to dive into it!

If you are a highly motivated person, willing to expand your diving knowledge and ready to enter the diving elite, then you might be a good candidate for the Divemaster Internship.

If you want to join our crew for the summer send your CV here!

The Divemasters are the backbone of all the dive centers in the world,become a PADI Pro and open yourself to new diving opportunitiesall around the globe!

Next step

– Contact us to plan your course

– Sign up for the theory online and start learning right away

– Download the PADI Medical Statement Questionnaire

When you select the course, remember to choose Navys Waterworld dive center, otherwise we will not get your records