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We want to make our first appearance here an “ode” to what we really love: Diving.

Everything has a beginning: when I was a kid my first memory related to scuba diving was my mom´s diving knife, it was huge! Or so I thought then, it had a stone to sharp it on the outside and a hard plastic cover with straps to attach it on the leg, back then Rambo was on TV, and I use to wear it with a ribbon in my forehead.

Early I also remember the collectable series of Monsieur Jaques Cousteau, back then you had to go to the kiosk to buy them on Sundays, what an inspiration for the world! The father of the modern Scuba Diving no less, inventor, protector of nature, scientist… thanks to him we are where we are now, and to put his legate in perspective and see how right he was, we can use decades later, the same words he used to describe the love for our planet and the urge to protect it, and we’ll still be right.

"People protect what they love"

Jacques - Yves Cousteau

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