3 things you should know when you dive for the first time!

  1. Swim with your legs
  2. Follow your instructor directions
  3. Enjoy

Dear reader, today I want to share with you my first breaths underwater, it was on a sunny day in the middle of the Greek summer in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea, more or less the same conditions you’re going to find if you come to dive in Santorini. I’ve always had good relationship with the sea due to our month long holidays every summer in the island of Menorca since I was a kid, ever since, my favorite color has always been the turquoise of the Menorcan waters, and if you reached this entry in our blog means that you’re thinking about taking a scuba diving lesson, we’ll cover the most common mistakes that beginners do when we take them for the first time to the sea, and I’ll give you my personal experience about it.

My first time underwater was a total disaster in terms of coordination or technique, I was most of the time with my head down and my legs up, no coordination whatsoever, terrible buoyancy, I kept fighting with my BCD, either I was floating or sinking like a rock, or otherwise laying with my tank on the sand like a cockroach, looking back to it it was a total disaster in terms of being elegant but it was a total life changing experience!

Being able to swim in what it seemed almost forever underwater, being close to my favorite part of the planet (the sea) and enjoying the marine life was the best thing I ever did.

Follow your instructor directions.

Well, it seems obvious right?
While many people are natural born divers, they have no fear of the sea, and they simply enjoy and relax while being underwater, even for the first time.